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Story of LTG 

Originally belonging to the Banking world, Imran, the LTG founder, purchased an internet cafe from a friend as a sideline business, as you do, which also offered some basic printing services. Once when visiting his accountant, Imran noticed a personalised mug at his desk and this is how it all started – the start of a hard but an exciting venture. A simple curiosity turned into an idea and a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance turned this idea into reality. The concept was simple but effective – how to transform someone’s imagination into their reality. Where anyone and everyone can be an artist and choose what they wish on their artwork, which they can either display in their own home or offer it as a gift to their loved ones. 

Leaving the corporate world behind, this vision became Imran’s goal. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making his dream into a reality with his very hands on approach. With having no experience in the design industry, he learnt a lot about the web designing whilst working with his developers. His moto is never to solely rely on someone else – there is nothing one cannot do if you put your heart and mind to it. His self taught design skills also enabled him to put his own ideas into designs that he now offers to his customers. They can either be bought as they are and printed on the customer’s choice of product or use them to bring their own ideas to life.

Getting to where the company is right now was not an easy journey. The determination was strong and the struggle was real. From using the wrong paper in the printer, to purchasing the wrong ink cartridges, everything was learnt the hard way. But sure enough, through trial and error, Love to Gift was born. It all started with one product: Mugs – where it all started. One product turned into two, two to three and so on. Love to Gift now offers a wide range of personalised products and sizes. We try to accommodate every customer’s needs, so if a customer requires a product outside of our product range, we will go the extra mile to try and find that product for them, which they can then personalise to their liking. Customers can choose their own images and text and create a master piece of their own, which we can then bring to life.

Love to Gift is a small family business, with a big vision which can only grow bigger and stronger.

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